You Can Now Buy Terry Richardson's Aviator Glasses

Moscat Terry Richardson

Terry Richardson at Berlin Fashion Week in July 2011, the Terry Le's by Moscot.
Photo: Getty Images/Moscot

We are on to you, Terry Richardson. We know you probably wouldn't be able to slip under the radar and get stars at their most vulnerable if it wasn't for that goofy beard and your weird button ups and those geek glasses. We see right through you, Terry. We know that those boxy frames are your source of power, and we thank Moscot for allowing us the chance to steal it (them) from you.

Since the controversial photog is rarely seen sans glasses, the brand has come out with their very own Terry specs, based on a collaboration with the shooter. The thick, black aviator-style rims won't come cheap—the frames themselves are $290, with lenses will set you back $365, and for prescriptions you'll need to shell out $540—but one cannot really put a price on looking like a nerdy photographer with a penchant for beautiful women. And don't worry about every aspiring celebrity shutterbug getting a pair. With only 350 made, only a select few (and Terry, himself) will get their hands on the shades. Soon, with your glasses in tow, we'll be able to land the top of's best-selling list with our very own Lady Gaga photo book. Because that's how these things work, right?