Maria Menounos, Olivia Palermo, And AnnaLynne McCord Make Jumpsuits Mainstream

Formerly scoffed by many as the slightly less-beloved long-legged cousin of the romper, the elusive JUMPSUIT is working its way to becoming a commonly seen and widely accepted silhouette. That's right. The utilitarian onesie is no longer the exclusive uniform of skydivers and motorcycle racers. Nor is it relegated to the stage as a fanciful performance outfit in the form of a neon spandex catsuit. Nope. The jumpsuit is ready for real life where it can roam free in the wild of city sidewalks and cul-de-sac barbeques.

Riding the wave of the '90s revival alongside Justin Bieber and Willow Smith's classic sitcom t-shirts, Lady Gaga's vintage Versace, and Nickelodeon's '90s Are All That, the jumpsuit is cleaning up its act this time around, abandoning the painted-on plastic/latex/PVC of the nineties for more sophisticated, relaxed cuts and easy, (PRAISE BE) breathable fabrics. Sure, you end up basically naked every time you have to use the bathroom, but the refreshing figuration is WORTH IT.


Maria Menounos, Olivia Palermo, and AnnaLynne McCord wear solid jumpsuits.
Photo: Getty Images

A little tentative about the trend but willing to get your feet wet? Take it easy and start conservatively with solids like Maria Menounos's olive moto-zip jumpsuit. The draw-waistline, luxurious fabric, and flirty-edgy accessories keep the look figure flattering and just feminine enough. Resident fashionista Olivia Palermo wears her jumpsuit all black with a high natural waist, a sleek straight-leg cut, and asymmetrical shoulder details, while AnnaLynne McCord goes for a champagne color-blocked onesie with a plunging neckline accentuated by chunky jewelry and legs wide enough to ALMOST almost be mistaken for a skirt.


Paris Hilton, Estelle, and Jessica Szohr wear printed jumpsuits.
Photo: Getty Images

Feeling adventurous enough to tackle a head-to-toe print? First, a hearty golf clap for you, you glamazon - that takes not only courage but also a heavy-handed pour of SWAG. You can go geometric à la Paris Hilton's cobalt deep-vee number or rock a subtle smaller pattern like Estelle's grey leopard print. A bajillion extra bonus points and gold stars for breaking things up with a wide belt that is ALSO PRINTED (amber-toned rainbow stripes FTW! Also, hello, brain explosion - the good kind). Not bananas enough for you? Try your hand at an epically large print like Jessica Szohr's giant black-and-white paisley jumpsuit from the 2011 Movie Awards. IF YOU DARE. And don't forget to snap some pics. Our inbox is always open for photographic evidence of your trend conquests. *wink*

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