Kelly Rowland Is The New Face Of Diddy's 'Empress' Perfume

Kelly Rowland will be the face of Diddy's fragrance 'Empress.'
Photo: Getty Images/Courtesy of Sean John

Kelly Rowland has not done bad for herself. Sure, Beyoncé is the superstar that immediately comes to mind in the post-Destiny’s Child world, but Miss Rowland has solidified her songstress legacy with a steady string of hits. We still jam to her and Nelly’s “Dilemma” on the regular, and she and Lil’ Wayne sound on point in her newest single (plus she is making headlines with her just-announced tour with VMA performer Chris Brown). Suffice to say, her collaboration game is up to snuff, and her newest project—being the face of Diddy’s newest women’s fragrance, “Empress.”

Set to release this month in Macy’s the light, citrus fragrance is perfect for the winding days of summer. The scent comes in a formidable and regal bottle, which is what Kelly suggests the fragrance is all about. “I just love what Empress represents,” Kelly gushed on Access Hollywood. “It’s just women that are beautiful and powerful in their own right.” Meant to be the lady counterpart to Diddy’s own “I Am King” cologne, the new Sean John ambassadress appears to be, like her old bandmate, a girl who is certainly running the world.

{via The Cut}  

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