Snooki Shops, Looks At Tee With Her Face On It

Snooki shopping for clothes and shoes in Seaside Heights, New Jersey.
Photo: PictureGroup

We don’t know about you guys, but we’ve CERTAINLY wondered where Snooki finds all the pieces of her ULTRA SPECIFIC Jersey Shore ensembles. Where do all those trucker hat, Jersey-themed tee and slipper ensembles come from? How does she find a large, rhinestone-encrusted belt with such ease? Well, thank the LAWD some papps have given us a sneak peek into Snooki’s shopping world, and WOW. It seems…so fun, so liberating, so…META. When Snooks stopped by Sand Tropez (first of all: SAND TROPEZ!!!!) in Seaside Heights, New Jersey, she stumbled upon a shirt with—drumroll—her FACE on it. The signature poof is illustrated in all its glory with the words “Snookin’ For Love” scrawled around it. Imagine shopping in Jers, seeing yourself on a shirt, and then being like, “Oh, cool,” and moving on to the sweatpants section like it’s NBD. Shiz WEIRD, y’all, but Snooki doesn’t seem to mind it so neither do we.

But um, HELLO? Can we talk about Snooks’ shopping outfit? It is UNPARALLELED—no one can pack on the leopard accessories like she does (no seriously, you guys, Snooki LOVES leopard). She works a hot pink leopard headband with a Jersey Royalty tee, Jersey Shore shorts, studded black handbag, and leopard elbow warmers (that’s right—that’s no long-sleeve tee, those bad boys only go from mid bicep to mid forearm. A summer layered look without layers! The ingenuity…). Snooks also sported her signature furry boots, but *GASP* is Snooki looking for something NEW? She’s trying on some zip-up ankle booties, which means *double gasp* she might ditch her winter-in-summertime boots FOR GOOD?! Hold us. We have to say, though, that we love her trying-on technique because she’s SUPER no-nonsense about the process. She did the whole, “Can I actually walk in these shoes?” awk strut around the store before even putting the other heel on. Major.

Sadly, we don’t ACTUALLY know what Snooki ended up buying, but it looks like she made out well, dontcha think? Would we even know the difference? So. Many. Mysteries.

Snooki shopping in Seaside Heights, N.J.
Photo: PictureGroup


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