Beyonce Wants Fans To Star In Her Crowdsourced 'Best Thing I Never Had'

Beyonce Best Thing I Never Had

A still from Beyoncé's "Best Thing I Never Had" music video.
Photo:Courtesy of Columbia Records

At 29 and with a lifetime-sized career under her belt, Beyoncé knows a thing or two about making mistakes...and then getting it right. Which is why she is giving scorned (or totally satisfied) fans the ability to star in an alternative version of her supreme kiss-off video "Best Thing I Never Had." The original tells the story of a young Bey (fictional or not) who prepares for her wedding day. As she gets ready, she tells her former prom date, a dismissive, creepin' jerk in a crown, that he "turned out to be the best thing (she) never had." In fact, she's moved on with a hottie who treats her, and her appreciation for flouncy white dresses, with the respect she deserves. A feeling exactly everyone can relate to, amiright?

By uploading happy wedding photos or disastrous prom shots (no word on whether the inverse works as well) to Twitter or Flickr with the hashtag #BeyonceBestThing, Beyoncé fans can participate in a crowdsourced, fan-made reimagining of the "Best Thing" video. Expect tons of awkward prom peplum and blissful black-and-white nuptial photos (and, of course, smug feelings of closure and reconciliation).

{Via BeyonceOnline}

Beyoncé, "Best Thing I Never Had"

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