Lil Wayne Wears Enormous Harem Pants

Lil Wayne performing in New Jersey on his "I Am Still Music" tour.
Photo: Getty Images

If you follow the blog, you know that we here at MTV Style LOVE us some Lil Wayne. Weezy's style, his music, and his onstage swagger are all consistently interesting, entertaining, and 100 percent unique to the man himself. So this kind of really bizzaro outfit Wayne rocked performing in New Jersey on his "I Am Still Music" tour was shocking because...well, look at it, but not wholly unexpected.

Sure, we never know exactly what dude is going to wear (and even if we TRIED to hypothesize, printed drop-crotch pajama pants may not have made the cut), but we can put money on the fact that it'll be absolutely gonzo and rad. Or in the words of Lil Wayne's stylist, Marissa Tomes, "funky." On most, this degree of bananasness would relegate you to a lifetime of fugbashing, but on Weezy it just makes us love him even more...Why??

lil wayne rocky the squirrel

Lil Wayne and Rocky the Squirrel.
Photo: Getty Images/Courtesy of Jay Ward Productions

Maaaaybe it's because this styling channels all the appeal of an anthropomorphised furry woodland creature! Just look at that side by side and TRY to tell us there isn't a resemblance between Lil Wayne and Rocky the Squirrel. JK, don't. Because you can't. Save your energy for appreciating us for figuring it out for you.

I meaaannn, that cheeky smile? The enthusiastic hand gesticulations? Even the bright red, Keith Haring-inspired trapper hearkens back to Rocky's turquoise pilot cap. And we bet if Weezy spread his limbs out to crowd surf, the extra fabric of those block-letter printed, voluminous trousers would catch enough air for him to sail over the general admission section JUST like a flying squirrel. Cuuuuute.

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