If Jessica Simpson Designs Her Own Wedding Dress What Will It Look Like?

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Jessica Simpson at a Macy's in-store event for Jessica Simpson Collection and sitting front row as a judge for the Project Runway Spring 2011 fashion show.
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Jessica Simpson is getting married to fiancé Eric Johnson and is said to be in full-on planning mode, down to helping design her own wedding dress. Thus, we're in full-on "OMG, what will it look like???" mode down to making a calculated guess. Miss Jess is a bona fide businesswoman now, with a namesake fashion line that is a BILLION-DOLLAR empire, so we're guessing she's going to up her wedding style game. From what we know so far, the former Newlyweds star's dream gown is allegedly of the low-cut variety too, which is a complete departure from the Vera Wang princess gown she wore for her first wedding to the recently remarried Nick Lachey. Wait a minute, can you believe it's been almost a DECADE since that wedding?! Let's rewind time...

Jessica Simpson at her 2002 wedding to Nick Lachey.
Photo: MTV

Back in 2002, Nick and Jessica were all smiles as they practically skipped down the chapel aisle in Austin, Texas. Jessica's trademark blonde tendrils cascaded down her bare shoulders as set in motion by her hairstylist and BFF Ken Pavés. Her dress was a traditional white lace, A-line floor sweeper accessorized with a long veil and simple jewelry. The boldest element accentuating her overall look (other than a megawatt smile) was a giant, bulbous white flower bouquet with its own tendrils cascading down the front of her dress. Very Texas, very early naughts. BUT Jess has come a long way since these simpler times. Not only has La Simpson launched a film career (which, how can we forget, spawned the resurrection of the Daisy Duke look), she's now a certified fashion tycoon and upcoming Fashion Star style mentor. What does this all mean for wedding numero dos? Well, we're guessing it means EVERYTHING.

We foresee a body-hugging dress à la her line's Bustle Back Leopard Dress or something more relaxed like the Cotton Maxi Dress, which has a beachy feel. Or maybe something involving ruffles or eyelets similar to the ruffle collars she employs in her everyday collection. Hmm, she did say she wanted a plunging neckline, though, so maybe something with a bodice similar to the fifties-style Shantung Sequin Dress or the Embroidered Halter Dress? We imagine whatever she chooses will be tipped in her signature mile-high platforms and blinged out to accompany her billionairess status. But please don't keep us guessing, Jess, just hurry up and set a date!

Three white dresses from Jessica Simpson Collection, left to right: Cotton Maxi Dress, Ruffle Collar Belted Dress, and Embroidered Skirt Halter Dress.
Photo: Courtesy of Jessica Simpson

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