Pharrell Williams Wears Chanel And A White Tee

Pharrell Williams

Pharrell Williams at a QREAM launch party.
Photo: Getty Images

Pharrell Williams has been all over the headlines lately for launching his snicker-inducingly named alcoholic beverage for laydeeeez called Qream. While those 21 and older amongst us would rather partake in scotch or a crisp rosé, the one thing we can all agree on is that skateboard P hitting the party/red carpet circuit to peddle the "silky drink... [for] beautiful, independent, sophisticated women of today..." means a lot of fantastic photos and some seriously thorough ensembles.

The thing about Pharrell that makes his outfits such a joy to dissect is the shrewdness. While upon a cursory glance there's nothing too, too special about a gray cardigan, shorts, tee, and boots it's all in the fit and details. The cardigan in question fits him beautifully with the curveball of a long, button placket not on a traditional six-button delivery BUT ON A CREW NECK. And there's no discernible cuff on the bottom or sleeves, which creates a subtle roll—two bonus points. Plus, the way the arm's eye falls RIGHT at the shoulder with zero baggy/excess knit on his narrow armpits means this summer-weight throw on could easily buy and sell your entire sweater collection, no problem. This man knows his sizes, as does every retail salesperson working on commission worth their salt.

A not-too-deep plain, white V-neck (though, let's face it, this shirt is likely helmet lang/rando Japanese/rando Euro/a bajillion dollars/NOT sold in sets of three) keeps the neckline uncluttered, and the shorts are sleek and an ideal length for the desert boot/construction boot hybrid that can alarmingly be pulled off with black socks. (I did not know this could NOT be hideous until I saw this man do it...INTERESTING.) A subtly hidden Chanel necklace (the zoom function on this resolution of picture is alarming and also thoroughly rewarding—he is still very hot up waaaay close) indicates that Pharrell need not flaunt more than his God-given assets. And while he continues his Qream-based junket of disgustingly good-lookingness, you can catch all his updates on his similarly adorable Twitter, 4real4rell.

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