Deena Wears Snooki's Fur Boots and Kristin Cavallari's Wedding Dress Photo Shoot Top Our Headlines Of The Week

Jersey Shore Deena Cortese Furry Boots

Deena Cortese wearing black furry boots on July 26.
Photo: Getty Images

Even though it's the middle of July, Deena rocked the same furry boots Snooki previously rocked. Both Jersey ladies boldly defy fashion rules and Mother Nature.

Kristin Cavallari appeared in a Life & Style wedding dress photo shoot two days before calling off her engagement. We hope she dyes her dress black and wears it to the Chateau Marmont.

Kristen Stewart, Selena Gomez, and Miley Cyrus went for the see-through shirt trend. We're still wondering if this trend is transparent.

Katy Perry wore a Smurfette dress and matching nails on the blue carpet of the Smurfs premiere. Is it just us or is she trying to say something here?

Teen Wolf Tyler Posey posed in all gray at Comic-Con. His mega-wattage smile took the muted look from colds-ville to hots-ville.

Emma Watson might launch an evening wear fashion line. We can't wait to see what her sewing machine (elegantly) spits out.

Jared Leto got tangled in his own sweater on the cover of Dedicate magazine. We could get tangled up in that, too.

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