Lady Gaga’s ‘Lady Gaga Goo Goo’ Baby Clothing Commercial

Lady Gaga on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”
Photo: Courtesy of ABC

Once we basked in the glory of Taiwan’s Lady Gaga Day and marveled on how these tots were able to so convincingly replicate all of the iconic weirdness of Lady Gaga. We said to ourselves, “What if?” What if we were all quite literally Born This Way, with Kermits on our dresses and hair bows upon our crowns? We weren’t alone. Gaga, ever willing to poke fun at herself, took to Jimmy Kimmel Live to present her very own creation for “The Littlest of Monsters,” an infant clothing line called Lady Gaga Goo Goo.

OK, so she’s obviously not expanding the brand but the spoof does feature some of our favorites—the bubbles, some meat, and even the green Armani Privé from the Grammys. Wearing wigs, perplexed by the meat stuffs upon their tiny heads, and babbling “GAGAGA”, the tots seem generally pleased with their sparkled, high-shouldered outfits. (Which of course means that, instead of blaming video games or television, the next culprit responsible for the ADD-addled nature of children are those who grew up with the blinking, hyperkinetic looks of Gaga.)

Some gems: A meat hat that is just a fat slice of salami atop a hungry looking baby and a very excited young gal in her ubiquitous Grammy dress. Strangely, these outfits look nearly normal on the babies—perhaps because we dress infants up in crazy crap anyway, or maybe the playfulness of Gaga translates to childrenswear perfectly. Whatever. Simply put, skin-revealing getups are so much more adorable on chubby baby legs instead of super-skinny thighs, but the cutest bit of Gaga’s faux-launch is Gaga herself, clutching a bubble-clad baby and cooing, “We were born this way!”

The kicker is the end, where Gags teases her new, glittery “Pee-Wee Platforms,” which would be hilarious and development-ending for any soon-to-be-walking kid. {via ABC}

Lady Gaga on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”
Photo: Courtesy of ABC

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