Olivia Palermo To Launch Fashion Lifestyle Blog In August

olivia palermo dkny sun soiree

Olivia Palermo at DKNY's Sun Soiree.
Photo: Getty Images

Earlier this month, we mentioned that we'd heard a little rumor bug buzzing about Olivia Palermo potentially launching a style blog. To which this crew of eager MTV Stylettes vigorously nodded our heads, licked our chops, and girded our loins for the full-throttle fash-WISDOM that would be bestowed upon us through such a vehicle. Though the villain of The City, we were swayed by Palermo's delicate angular features, impeccable accessories game, and unyielding willingness to try any and all of the latest trends. Finally, the rumors have been CONFIRMED as Olivia told WWD at DKNY's Sun Soiree that she is "working on a blog coming out in August." Mark your calendars now, ladies!

But wait, Whitney Port and Lauren Conrad both have their own style sites (whitneyport.com and The Beauty Department, respectively). What will Liv's blog bring to the table to change the game? Well, the site, to be eponymously named oliviapalermo.com, will reportedly be “travel-focused” while also touching on fashion, up-and-coming designers, accessories (DUH, her costume jewelry collection is bananas), shopping, and “everything that I love," said Palermo. We thiiiink (or rather, HOPE to the high heavens) that means we're in store for her global fashion perspective. Streetstyle shots from foreign shores? Inspirational landscapes at dusk? Snaps of lovingly handmade necklaces of rare indigenous materials that only Olivia has the power and means to show us?! Whatever the site ends up being, you can count on us to be right there following it with you all! If it's anything like The Beauty Department or Whitney Eve, color us (a gently eye-catching hue of) psyched.

{via WWD}