Sneak Peek: Best Coast Supervideo With Drew Barrymore, Miranda Cosgrove, Chloe Moretz, And More!

Miranda Cosgrove and Chloë Moretz looking badass.

Have you ever met Drew Barrymore? It is basically the best thing ever. There's this odd halo around her head, and when she smiles with her eyes it's like a punch in the face. It. Is. So. Amazing. Essentially she is a goddess but that's beside the point. Entirely. She's also CUHRAZY talented as a director, and I had the fortune of being on-set for this Supervideo between Drew and one her favorite artists, Best Coast, for her song "Our Deal."

There were old-school Adidas galore, gobs of donated Levi's, leather jackets with hand-sewn patches, ENORMOUS hair, racks upon racks of the dreamiest sweaters and onesies, and there was even this embroidered HAWK on a crewneck cropped sweatshirt that made my face melt (don't worry, I held it far enough away that I didn't get any flesh juice on it). It was an awesome two-day shoot, craft services had at least six or eight types of candy, and by the way, no big deal, *shrugs unconvincingly* but Donald Glover, Miranda Cosgrove, Alia Shawkat, Chloë Moretz AND TYLER POSEY aka Gorgeousface McNomnompants from our own Teen Wolf were there.

Here's a sneak peek of the Romeo & Juliet-themed video. The "families" were called the Day Trotters and the Night Crawlers. There are brawls and breakdancers and graffiti. It was like a birthday party. Check it. OH, PS: Drew Barrymore's creative director is maybe the most handsome man in the world. He literally (and I hate when people use "literally" incorrectly) has the best hair. It is a water-colored dream sequence of AWESOME. Harps play when it moves. LITERALLY. ahhaha jk jk jk.

Tyler Posey is attractive.


If you want to see a super-cute interview with Drew and Bethany, check out our pals at Buzzworthy!

AND if you want to see this Supervideo in its entirety (of course you do), it airs NEXT Tuesday, Aug. 2, at 10 a.m. ET. Do eeet.

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