Kevin Jonas Makes Us Forget Our Crush On His Younger Bro Joe

Kevin Jonas

Kevin Jonas at the DKNY Sun Soiree in July 2011.
Photo: Getty Images

It's fairly obvious that of all the raven-haired, smiley-eyed Jonas Brothers, Kevin Jonas is the one who flies most under our radar. Maybe it's because the other two are publicizing the bejeezus out of their solo careers. Or because Joe Jonas and his supple eyebrows are featured all over our favorite magazines. OR it's because K.Jo is *sniffle* a married man, so out of respect, we default to the next heir in line to the throne (we take ladyturf boundaries seriously, y'all). Whatever the reason, it's been completely overhauled since we laid eyes on Kevin and his dapper ensemble at DKNY's Sun Soiree.

With his usual onyx ringlets tamed into a heart-throbbingly effortless back-swooped 'do, the eldest Jo Bro had us double-taking. K--Kevin? Is that you?! We love how the hue of your gingham button-up matches the deep steel blue of your eyes. Your slate pants, they're tailored so crisply, so cleanly, yet they sit relaxed enough to still be un-fussy. Your paired cognac belt and laceless dress shoes tie everything together with such expert finesse that were you gray-haired and sipping from a teacup on a cobblestone street, you'd be a shoe-in for The Sartorialist. That cheeky little smirk. Those rosy cheeks. *sigh* This dude is a-FREAKING-dorable. Aaaaand your wife is a lucky lady. *head sinks down in shame* We're done ogling. FOR NOW.

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