Deena Rocks Snooki's Day-To-Night Fur Boots In July

Deena Cortese Furry Boots

Deena Cortese transitions from white to black furry boots on July 26.
Photo: Getty Images

There's something beautiful happening amongst the ladies of Jersey Shore—their outfits are always seasonally timeless. Whether it's the middle of February or the middle of July, you can always count on two things: extremely short dresses and larger-than-life boots. Heck, JWOWW barely even wore a SHIRT during her New Year's festivities, and Lord knows that's in the middle of winter. These ladies are saying a big "F YOU" to weather because they will NOT let Mother Nature have her way, and we love that. Just yesterday, Deena was spotted in Seaside Heights buying a, erm, tent (iiiiiiiiinteresting) in a short white Dirty Couture dress (hat tip to Pauly D) and matching white furry boots. This an IDEAL daytime look because it's comfy and perfect for running errands like, oh I don't know, buying outdoor camping housing facilities. (We REALLY hope this means corresponding camping outfits à la corresponding camping furry boots. Um, Snooki in a Girl Scout uniform trying to light a fire? YES, PLEASE.) To transition this outfit into night, Deena classed it up with her SECOND pair of furry boots, this time in black, with what looks like a blue ¾ sleeve romper and a kind of AMAZING white Prada drawstring backpack.

And you know what? Yeah, it's the middle of summer. Yeah, the heat index in New York City and the surrounding areas reached 115 degrees last week, and yeah, Snooki rocks the same boots on the regs, but Deena doesn't let that stop her from going winter. Listen, people, SHE'S TIRED OF FLIP-FLOPS, OK?! Sometimes she just. Can't. Take. The sound of plastic flip-flops slapping her feet ANY. MORE. She craves the gentle tickle of artificial fur delicately caressing her leg. She wants her shoes to be a part of her outfit, not just some thoughtless thing she throws on, OK? And from the looks of it, JWOWW is taking notice too (see below). She not only wears furry boots during this summer scorcher but *gasp* PANTS TOO. And can we just say that neither Deena NOR JWOWW look like sweat monsters? It's amazing. They are defying natural human responses to heat. We walk one block and look like we took a SHOWER, but them? Oh, NBD. Not a single sweat bead forms while they run around town in their wooly stompers. (Final thought: Do you think they are maybe the same boots? Do you think they swap and trade colors, or maybe buy them in bulk? We haven't a clue.)

JWOWW Furry Boots

JWOWW in black furry boots on July 26.
Photo: Getty Images

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