Selena Gomez Nails Classic Chic In 'Elle Mexico' Spread

Selena Gomez in a Fendi dress, Versace belt, and Dolce&Gabbana earrings for "Elle Mexico."
Courtesy of "Elle Mexico"

Dear sweet Selena Gomez. You only just turned 19. When did you blossom into such a refined young woman? It feels like just last week, I was wondering how that walking, talking, wee baby girl on Wizards of Waverly Place had such a THICK head of hair—and how I could replicate such on my own head. Now you're dating Justin Bieber, headlining concerts, and wearing jealousy-inducing runway masterpieces in foreign magazines like Elle Mexico. And what's more, you don't even look like a toddler playing in her mom's (hella 'spensive) closet! That garb looks like it was SEWN ON YOU, which is even MORE brain-scrambling.

Don't get me wrong, betta BUHLIEVE I noticed that grade-A YOWZA black cutout gown you wore to the 2011 Billboard Awards, and may or may not be looking for a similar style on eBay, but you were still so young, so fresh-faced. The poise exhibited in this spread reaches wholly unexpected levels of stateliness that I just wasn't prepared to be met with so soon, but I'm going with it because you look like Selena 3000. You're not a girl, not yet a woman, but DANG you make a neutral crewneck sweater look goooood!

Selena Gomez in Altuzarra top and pants, Gucci belt, and Scala Pronto hat for "Elle Mexico."
Courtesy of "Elle Mexico"

In a navy Altuzarra sweater/pants combo that on any lesser human could have come out kinda "monochromatic gym teacher," Selena smolders even under a floppy bordeaux wide-brim Scala Pronto hat.

Selena Gomez in a Yves Saint Laurent blouse, Timo Weiland shorts, Balenciaga sunglasses, and Laurence Dacade shoes for "Elle Mexico."
Courtesy of "Elle Mexico"

Here Elle Mexico has caught Selena waiting on her cabana boy to bring out her morning plate of peeled grapes and ambrosia. Come on, those Balenciaga sunglasses plus that mega-volume 'do is soooo OC MILF.

Selena Gomez in a Reiss sweater, ASOS pants, Gucci sunglasses, Jessica Robinson brooch, Noir earrings, and Walter Steiger shoes for "Elle Mexico."
Courtesy of "Elle Mexico"

That's right. A teenager is pulling off a pair of conservatively tailored salmon ASOS dress pants with FRONT PLEATS without looking dowdy. *golf clap*

Selena Gomez in Yves Saint Laurent shoes for "Elle Mexico."
Courtesy of "Elle Mexico"

Hellooooo, NURSE. Everything about this image is perfect—just enough hair wind, just enough gown drapage, just enough upward chin tilt. Let's be real, we all know Biebs has this one up in his locker. Or you know, whatever the locker equivalent is for an international pop star.

Selena Gomez in a Marc Jacobs trench, Falke socks, and Laurence Dacade boots for "Elle Mexico."
Courtesy of "Elle Mexico"

Finally, Selena reminds us that she is still our little princess with that cherubic face, big-button Marc Jacobs trench and pink knee-high socks. AWWWW!

Selena Gomez in "Elle Mexico."
Courtesy of "Elle Mexico"

{via Fashion Gone Rogue}

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