Tyler Posey Heats Up An All-Gray Ensemble With 100-Watt Smile

Tyler Posey

Tyler Posey at Comic-Con.
Photo: Getty Images

Now that we have Tyler Posey, our Teen Wolf trilogy of wolfy hot dudes is complete. OMNOMNOM. And the Teen Wolf himself proves that head-to-toe gray doesn't have to be drab—ESPECIALLY when you have pearly whites as bright as his. When we spotted him looking uh-dorbs at Comic-Con, we literally could not turn our eyes away. We just kept whispering, "Is this real life?" to ourselves at our computer while staring at his to-die-for dimples and perfectly coiffed jet black hair. Then we realized he was 19, which is kind of strange, but hey, he's still legal so we can say things like: "HI TYLER. YOU LOOK REALLY GOOD WITH YOUR SHIRT OFF. K BYE." But sometimes he looks good with his shirt ON. Like he does here in his casual rolled-up gray chambray button-up, faded gray jeans, and gray suede Vans.

Tyler rocks the monochromatic look (which is SO HOT right now in fashion blogger world) with such ridiculous ease we wonder why we didn't think of this first. And, like, an all-gray ensemble is a MUCH fresher take on the Canadian tuxedo and it's a WHOLE lot less Texas-y, and like you're about to go on a horseback ride for one. BUT Tyler somehow manages to wear arguably one of the saddest, most drab colors in existence and still beam with his radiant skin, chiseled jaw, trunk-like forearms, and boyish charm. And for THAT, we give him a huge giant round of applause. We also commend him for his impeccable groomsmanship (We can't spot a SINGLE flyaway on that mane. And those brows? Don't even get us STARTED.), and we also have to comment on his grooming abilities elsewhere. DON'T BE GROSS. We're talking about his chest, people. How can someone SERIOUSLY look this good/hairless and be part werewolf? We don't get it, but we're not here to judge. We're just here to ogle. At a safe, non-creepy, non-in-danger-of-werewolf-bites distance.

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