Jared Leto Gets Awkwardly Stuck In Sweater, Still Looks Cute

Jared Leto on “Dedicate” magazine.
Photo: Courtesy of “Dedicate” magazine

If Jared Leto EVER tweets the words “I,” “shot,” “magazine cover” in the same sentence with a corresponding link, there’s a 100% chance we’re going to click it. Jared is basically a fashion icon here at MTV Style, and this 30 Seconds to Mars frontman proved once again that no cray cray ensemble is off-limits. Blue hair? Check. Hand muffs? Check. Fringe shoulder pads? Check. Snuggie? Check. This time, though, he pulled out a stint even we’ve never seen before: He’s LEGIT caught in a Marni knit sweater on the cover of Dedicate magazine, and it’s kind of sort of REALLY adorable. There’s something oddly cute about a helpless dude. Is it just us or can you imagine him quietly whimpering, “Halp, haaalllp,” but you’re all, “Aw, you can get out of there little guy,” because it’s SO CUTE in a cat-stuck-in-tube-sock kind of way, where you’re not actually thinking about how they physically are trapped and might die of suffocation or malnourishment if they’re not taken care of in a timely manner? Just us? Yes/no?

Jared Leto in “Dedicate” magazine.
Photo: Courtesy of “Dedicate” magazine

We are in love with Jared succumbing to the power of fashion, and even though we can’t read a DANG thing in this article about him (sorry, Mom—don’t remember anything from honors French), we ASSUME it has something to do with his love of clothes, how he wants to date us, and how much he loves MTV. But since we can’t dissect that, we’ll just look at his outfits. On his first cover, he channels straight-up badassery in a leather jacket, white tee, pendant necklace, and Dragon Ball Z hair. In his other shots, he wears a Marni striped sweater, ripped Kennedy jeans, and Rag & Bone lace-up shoes in a late ’80s fashion punk rocker kind of way. We love all the looks, but if we HAD to pick a fave we’d say the connected-hand-sweater-thing outfit ONLY because it means if he gives you a hug you’d be trapped and that would be SWEET, being trapped in a hug with Jared Leto, right, Echelon?!

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