Emma Watson Rumored To Launch An Evening Wear Fashion Line

emma watson evening wear

Emma Watson's impeccable taste in evening wear.

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Over the past year, it's become markedly clear that Emma Watson's consistently exceptional sartorial game has made her one of the reigning queens of the red carpet. Armed with her fash-forward pixie cut, she effortlessly rocks every full-volume frock the runway has to offer. She's made a name for herself as a respected brand spokesperson for Burberry and People Tree (a fair-trade label with which she collaborated on three collections). Not to mention, she's kind of a magazine cover regular. And our number one choice for a closet raid.

Lucky for us, it seems Emma's a benevolent ruler. Instead of keeping all the style wisdom to herself, she wants to share the wealth by launching a line of evening wear. Though details are short in supply and information seems slightly unreliable as it comes straight from the Daily Mail, no young "celebrity designer" starlet would be more apt at putting down the scripts and picking up a sewing machine. Not only would her efforts be ethically motivated, but the results would certainly arrive face-meltingly awesome with not a single sequin, gem, or ruffle out of place. Based on her already fine-tuned taste, we make a few predictions for what to expect while this story unfolds.


emma watson evening wear harry potter

Emma Watson wore two voluminous gowns to the U.K. and NYC premieres of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow: Part 2."
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Her Harry Potter days may be over, but no doubt the dramatic floor-length ensembles that Watson wore to the U.K. and NYC premieres of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 will ensure that the memory of Emma Watson has a permanent place in the fashion annals next to "Doing It Right." We predict that Emma's evening wear will feature a lot of voluminous skirt action, much like the tiered chiffon Oscar De La Renta and the rust draping on her Bottega Veneta. We'd also love to see her continue playing with unexpected textures as these dresses both do so effectively.


emma watson evening wearEmma Watson shows her affinity for strong-shouldered cocktail dresses.

Photo: Getty Images

Emma is no stranger to a strong shoulder, and we suspect her evening wear line will have at least one piece following this favored silhouette. Whether she keeps it clean, letting the shoulder details do all the work in the style of the white Marchesa she wore to the 2011 Movie Awards or if she uses them to balance out the shape of a frilly-skirted cocktail frock as with the Rafael Lopez LBD she wore early this month, we're 150% sure we'll be coveting it. So much so that we've already started a piggy bank fund devoted to procuring ALL of her options. Sure, we know these things technically don't even exist as sketches (yet), but we're accepting any spare change for our dress savings.

{via Daily Mail}

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