Kreayshawn: A Fashion Lookbook Of Our 'Best New Artist' Nominee

Old Kreayshawn Photo

A younger Kreayshawn shows off her incredible nails,
Photo: Courtesy of Kreayshawn's Tumblr

When we first heard that Kreayshawn's ultra-catchy hit "Gucci Gucci", snagged her a spot as a VMA Best New Artist Nominee, we felt instantly vindicated for our massive girl crushes. That thick cat-eye liner, those killer nails, the shiny Minnie Mouse ears—there was just so much to obsess over...including the video's addicting DIY aesthetic. Suddenly, she was a much-welcomed respite from impossible music video looks with inaccessible designers, a demonstration that sometimes all a gal needs to look BANGIN' was plenty of jewelry, a penchant for dollar store digging, and swag (pumpin' out yo ovaries). So we wanted to know, has her scrappy sartorial vision always been this cool?

YESSSS. Her personal style has always been sick. From two-toned hair to pin curls to pinup girl bikinis and denim vests over mesh shirts, we may not be able to pull off all the wildness (we're not tryna wear bikinis with kitten heels like that) BUT we're definitely game to take a look back and marvel at every super-ballsy ensemble (uuuum, there is this one Left Eye situation that is amazing). This Cali native/director/songwriter is our Push Artist Of The Week, and definitely one of the most refreshing new style stars to hit the music scene, as well. Check out her earlier looks and see how she perfected her game, from her Oakland beginnings to RIGHTTHISSECOND.


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