Katy Perry's Smurfs Dress And Matching Nails

Katy Perry Smurf Dress And Nails

Katy Perry in a Smurf dress by The Blonds and Smurf nails.
Photo: Getty Images/@Katy Perry's Twitter

Teenage decorum dictates that you never wear a T-shirt of the band you are going to see in concert. Our girl Katy Perry shattered the fashion version of this rule by sporting a thematically appropriate Smurfette dress by celeb fave The Blonds, but unlike a tattered 311 tee, this worked so brilliantly. Not only does the flirty dress make Katy look youthful and fresh, but KP's full-on Smurf dedication is so sartorially spot-on we wouldn't have cared if she showed up to the Smurfs premiere with blue skin and a slouchy stocking cap (and in many ways, she did...spiritually).

Katy Perry Smurf Dress

Katy Perry in a Smurf dress by The Blonds.
Photo: Getty Images

The sequined skirt has a pleasant flip that is certainly gam-baring, but Ms. Perry-Brand certainly has the pins to bare. Her character appears on the bodice of the dress (are they making the same expressions? A little bit.), and Smurfette's hat stretches nicely at the décolletage. The best part of the ensemble? That Katy matched her pumps with the color of Smurfette's skin. Because the number one rule in fashion dressing: Your shoes should match the skin tone of the fictional, imaginary character you are playing. Duh.

Lastly, (but never least) check out Katy's talons! Girl made sure that her Smurfs obsession stretched all the way down to her fingertips with themed nails. Like us, Katy shows her excitement on her nails—like her celebration of the royal wedding—and an automatic A plus is earned when any red carpet outfit has this type of holistic unity. Girl is rocking her MOVIE on her nails. Major.

And all haters look away, but we've GOT to go here: Katy Perry wore a Smurf, and we liked it.