Soulja Boy's Louis Vuitton Shout-Out And The 2011 VMA Nominations Top Our Headlines Of The Week

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Soulja Boy tells 'em about Louis Vuitton.
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• Rappers were all about style shout-outs this week. Leading the pack was Soulja Boy's mixtape named after Louis Vuitton's CEO. Then there was an imaginary style duel (created by us in good fun, of course) asking you to choose between Kanye West and Lil Wayne's fashion lines which of the two you would rather wear. Although neither of the rapper-turned-designers offered up many clues as to what to expect from their upcoming debuts, both Yeezy and Weezy hinted at inspiration from fashion stylists.

• There's no better week than VMA nomination week (except for the week of the actual Video Music Awards, obvs), and we were thrilled to see so many stylish acts up for the coveted gold moon man. Katy Perry topped the VMA nominations and we had to ask: Which Katy Perry video has the best style? Hard to decide. Though in the best style fantasy 2011 VMA category (which we hope will, ahem, become a reality one day), we pitted our fave fashionable lady-vids up against each other.

• Is it just us or is all of young Hollywood drinking from the same fountain or something? How else can you explain all of the crazy hair happenings that happened this week in celebrity-land? We're talking Robert Pattinson's half-shaved head at Comic-Con (holy gasp, right?!) and Vanessa Hudgens cutting her own hair super short. Then there was Lauren Conrad's new blue hair that matched her blue nails. We're not even going to get into the rampant pixie-cut affliction claiming many an actress's head because, in truth, we like all of this brazen change. Still, what's going on?!

• There are so many fashionable ladies rocking covetable looks this week we barely know where to begin. First of all, Chloë Moretz does not dress like she's 14. We totally loved her culottes and straw boater combo at a polo match in jolly England, though. Hills-y Audrina Patridge got all sassy for some Bongo Jeans ads. Then there was Emily Browning's rising style star status assaulting us from various red carpets with its sweet and sophisticated brilliance. Oh, and the Pitchfork Festival had the coolest summer fashion not to mention Pitchfork Performers EMA, Twin Sister, and Zola Jesus talking about their stage fashion of choice.

Jersey Shore is (almost) back! In anticipation of the August 4th premiere, we revealed the Jersey Shore cast's fresh Florence style as well as Snooki's outdoor house slippers and a style guide for getting Pauly D and Vinny's Season 4 looks. Mamma mia we can't wait!

It's been an amazing week overflowing with all kinds of stylistic shenanigans we can barely catch our collective breath! So, don't forget to check back with us on Monday for more fashionable feats of fancy in addition to our ongoing plethora of pop culture. Sky's the limit around here, folks!

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