Rihanna Named 'Woman Of The Year' By 'Vogue Italia'

Rihanna on Vogue Italia

Rihanna named "Woman of the Year" by "Vogue Italia."
Photo: Courtesy of "Vogue Italia"/Getty Images

Not only did she top the charts, but the campaigns, and the magazine editorials, and our computer wallpapers, so it is literally *zero percent* surprising that Vogue Italia, that arbiter of insane international style, named Rihanna "Woman Of The Year." Sure, Gaga is pretty great too, but there is something so accessible about our Barbados babe, something that is both 'round-the-way and totally otherworldly (while Lady Gaga is mostly just otherworldly), so the title is well-deserved.

From being Jay-Z's "Little Miss Sunshine" to actually stunning us in our tracks at the 2011 Met Ball (perhaps this mer-drama wouldn't even have started if RiRi didn't look so incredible with her big fishtail braid), Rihanna has had a big year. Her role in the fashion world is now cemented; she's got an Armani campaign, is a muse to many of the most cutting-edge designers in the world, and has been on the cover of, well, fashion tome Vogue Italia, to name just one of many. So congrats, Ri...and while it is only July (a strange time to be naming your girl of the year, we guess), we know you'll rock your Italian crown with pride.

{Via Vogue Italia}