Theophilius London Blazes In A Blazer

Theophilus London

Theophilus London performs at Amoeba, July 20, 2011.
Photo: Getty Images

We have a crush on Theophilus London. Not a platonic, wanna-be-your-friend crush, but a crush that makes us a little mad that the dudes in our everyday life don't have the swagger of this Brooklynite. Because, gentlemen, even if you aren't dropping your much-anticipated Timez Are Weird These Days album this week or playing a host of shows around the nation in the next handful of days, Theo has got something urgent to teach you.

And that something, dear dudes, is the power of the lightweight cotton blazer. Without the shiny suit jacket fabric, the easy jacket turns a regular outfit like, say, a plain black T-shirt and black jeans, into a killer performance outfit. Automatically, the guy in question is ready for ANYTHING. Attacked by hordes of autograph-wanting fans? Check. Keeping your dunks looking fresh? Absolutely. Staying composed despite sweat dripping off your beautiful face? Done.

Then just throw on a couple pieces of statement bling and a poppy-colored hat and suddenly you are our hot dude of the day, simple as that. And while some men might have a problem with the prevalence of man jewelry (man-lewelry, we call it), the simplicity of said outfit allows Theo to pull it off with aplomb. Because the single, all-purpose blazer is really the linchpin of this whole ensemble. What Theophilus is proving here is that blazers need not be a fancy affair, especially when composed of a breathable, casual fabric. Truth.

P.S. While we've got your attention, can we all lean forward and peep the blue thing dangling around his neck? What is that? We've done detecting and zoomed in and spotted a lion's head. Perhaps this has to do with his Trinidadian ancestry? Things that make you go zoom...

"Meet Theophilus London"

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