Top Style Blogger Looks Of The Week: Sun Hats

Natalie Goel, Dina Nguyen, and Jacqueline LeBrun.
Photo: Courtesy of the bloggers Like Fresh Laundry, Fashion Candy Floss, and The Hourglass.

DANG, it's hot in herrr! Like, to the point where walking literally one block equals a giant sweat moustache, runny mascara, and the equivalent red-faceness from an intense 30-minute jogging sesh. It's triple digits out there, people. Luckily, there are some ways to beat the heat and STILL look cute—our favorite way is with an oversized sun hat! Not only does it keep you cool during a scorcher, but it's instant SPF. Plus, it adds a too-cool-for-school '70s vibe to any ensemble in a snap. Check out how three cute-as-a-button (and non-sweaty) fashion bloggers sported their sunny chapeaus!

Natalie Goel of Like Fresh Laundry

Blog: Twitter: @likefresh.

First off, Natalie is straight-up STUNNING. The best word to describe her style is "fresh," so it's only fitting her blog has the same word in its title! She channeled the '70s in burgundy wide-leg ASOS pants and ASOS long-sleeved black dress (worn as a shirt). She accessorized with a J. Crew striped belt (tied in a super cute side bow), extra long beaded Forever 21 necklace, studded beige Urban Outfitters bag, Coach sandals, and of course, her lovely H&M hat!

Dina Nguyen of Fashion Candy Floss


Dina hails all the way from Norway and, if you peep her blog, is quite fond of straw hats! She manages to work them into most of her outfits in various jealous-inducing ways, but this particular look is one of our absolute FAVORITES. She paired a crisp white button up ruffle shirt with an equally girly navy and white striped bow skirt, over-sized black blazer, polka dot white tights, skinny brown belt, ankle-strap sandals, and a brown shoulder bag. She proves that layering is still totally possible in the summer without looking heavy if you keep the fabrics and colors light, light, light!

Jacqueline LeBrun of The Hourglass

Blog: Twitter: @TheHourglass1.

Jacqueline's ensemble takes us back to a '60s retro summer where we imagine hanging out in diners sipping on milkshakes to keep cool. It miiigghhtt have something to do with her vintage sailor collar floral shirt paired with her scalloped blue and white Anthropologie skirt and glass Coca-Cola bottle detail, but that's just a hunch. We love her accessories too—a white floppy Target hat, Nine West platforms, and white plastic hoops earrings. We applaud!


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