Rebecca Black Talks 'My Moment' Music Video Fashion

Rebecca Black My Moment

Rebecca Black takes us behind the scenes of her "My Moment" video.
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The girl who put the "fun" back in Friday released her second single, "My Moment" earlier this week. Yes, Rebecca Black has a new track out and a video to boot! PLUS (and this is where our ears perk up) she uploaded a behind-the-scenes look at the making of her video that also takes you through choreography rehearsals and (dingdingding!!!) WARDROBING on top of shooting the actual vid! (R. Black fact: Did you know she's a Little Monster? Proof inside!) Feast your eyes on the retail smorgasbord after the jump!


Rebecca Black My Moment

YOWZA! My eyes and heart and greedy sticky fingers are TWITCHING (all of them) with excitement at the sight of this buffet of footwear. I would wade through fire and ice to wake up to a spread like this every day. GIMME.


Rebecca Black My Moment

R.Black vogues in the foyer trying on an outfit option for the video. The LBD is super flattering with its one shoulder neck, giant bow adornment and metallic details (paired with silver peeptoes—zing!), but did it make it to the video??


Rebecca Black My Moment

Along with the shoes, the video's wardrobing department ALSO brought in a slew of jewelry options for Rebecca. To which we say, "Gurl, lemme borrow that cuff!"


Rebecca Black My Moment

In a classic girly-girl moment (which I experience to some varying degree every morning when getting ready), Black is caught in a tough decision. Which nearly identical citrus wedge to wear??? Psst, we say the green!


Rebecca Black My Moment

Flashing her gigantic turquoise ring while she opens up candidly about her recent rise into the spotlight, Rebecca Black doesn't want you to be fooled by the rocks that she's got. She's still just "a 13-year-old girl from Orange County" who can't believe everything that's happening for her.


Rebecca Black My Moment

Rebecca sports a custom-fringed Lady Gaga top during dance rehearsals with her So You Think You Can Dance? choreographer. Who knew R.Black was a Little Monster??


Rebecca Black My Moment

Rebecca keeps things casual for the faux-in-studio portion of the vid, pairing a graphic tee and a denim jacket with the sleeves rolled up. She's ready to get down to business, but the herringbone braid and glossy blunt bangs remind us that she's still a fresh-faced teen. AWW!!!

{via Gawker}

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