Blake Lively Treats Leather Toy Like An It-Bag

Blake Lively with her Blamo toy.
Photo: Getty Images

When you're Blake Lively, it can be scary heading out on your lonesome, what with the stalkers and the paps and the bloodthirsty fans. So it's understandable to crave comfort whilst slogging through the red carpet trenches. But to rely on a safety object? On a regular basis? We are beginning to worry a bit for Miss Lively. The star has been spotted milling around town not with a Chanel It-bag, but with a Blamo leather toy with brass plating like some sort of comfort blankie. The graffiti-inspired handmade squishie (that's what I used to call it, at least) is certainly adorbz, but at MTV Style, we are hear to ask the hard-hitting questions. And those questions, today, are why?

Why does B. Live need a toy to keep her Starbucks company? Doesn't the gal have access to every accessory under the sun? Is she trying to relive the crazy brought on by designer Mandy Coon's similar (but more functional) Ginny Bunny Bag? At least the Ginny was a functional bag, with a little zipper to hold bits and things. From what we can see, the ricebaby (her toy's name) is certainly charming but purely decorative (it's got a zip, but no strap for carrying...). On top of its seeming lack of purpose, the little guy is laden with brass and filled with rice, so he's not exactly a lightweight tote.

While toting a toy isn't unique, a professional, oft-photographed woman doing so is slightly curious. Has something sad happened to Blake? Can she not get her hands on the 2010 Giles Deacon dino bag? Is this a statement she is making about art toys and our useless reliance on the purely ornamental? Or perhaps she needs constant reassurance brought on by his little wobbly tail. Whatever. Yet, the more that we look at it, the more we like the little guy, with his fancy wing-horns and embroidered leather—and the fact that he vaguely resembles a grumpy Ed Westwick...

Blake Lively with her Blamo toy and a close-up of the Ricebaby.
Photo: Getty Images/Blamo

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