Ryan Gosling Laughs And Cries And Wears Gucci

Ryan Gosling wearing a patterned Gucci suit at the New York premiere of "Crazy Stupid Love."
Photo: Getty Images

There is an evil thing that goes on in our office when we have to write about Ryan Gosling. Someone shyly shares a heart-palpitating image of him wearing a suave Gucci suit, and years of professionalism devolve into hair pulling and name-calling. We aren't children; it's just that RyGos is such a perfect specimen, with a blessed combination of ruggedness and intense grooming, that his no-duh approach to fashion, life, and existence as the hottest human being to ever grace our eyeballs is so straightforward we are a little surprised more dudes haven't broken into this game. And have you seen him steal our hearts with his laugh-cry?

Because it is great. But hold that thought. Just, grasp it with tentative hands that are trembling because you are looking at this checked Gucci suit. He's so red carpet-ready, but he didn't put too much thought into it because he still has a beard and he isn't doing the Ryan Gosling/Young Hercules thing he does when he gets nervous (we imagine). The wide, silver pattern on top of his (navy?) suit is fun, a little jaunty, but still so sleekly put together we almost don't trust him. Until we get up to his baby blues, which are registered weapons in several countries...because they can literally slay you in your spot.

OK, remember when we touched on Ryan Gosling laughing/crying simultaneously? You still have that hope? Scroll down. See him read from a Tumblr named after his eyes and their life-stealing abilities. See him break down at the hilarity of said Tumblr. See him be a good sport, a willing participant, an adorable everyman in his deep V long-sleeve. His exasperation takes us back to our most haunting scenes in Blue Valentine, but, hey...at least this one has some Ryan Gosling roller-coaster action.

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