Katy Perry Tops 2011 VMA Nominations But Which Video Has The Best Style?

Nine. Nine VMA nominations nabbed by Katy Perry for the 2011 VMAs. If that is too astronomical of a number to even fathom, think of all the places she's been this year; from the cosmic void of outer space and the awkward void of high school parties. Truth, her musical adventuring has earned her every single one of those nine nods. No one has put on as many hats (or hooves, or braces) as KP, who has three videos in a total of four crucial audience-picked categories ("Video of the Year," "Best Collab," "Best Female," and "Best Pop Song"), already coming in first for VMA nominations. Which means practically everyone is up against Katy...so we've decided to pit Katy against herself to see which music video style will make like LOTR and RULE THEM ALL. From her alien turn in "E.T." to the angelic vibe in "Firework" to even a gawky Kathy Beth in "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)", one look will certainly prevail. Let the battle of Katy vs. Katy vs. Katy begin!


Katy Perry's top makeup looks from "E.T," "Firework," and "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)."
Photo: Courtesy of Capitol Records

Katy's spooky turn in "E.T.", which included a look of blue highlights with a white base, a golden goddess look, and another one featuring red eye makeup and precise patterns took five to six hours to prepare. The result was one amazing extraterrestrial.

It was as if she chose the exact opposite for "Firework," with smokey eyes and an understated matte lip. Her hair is in a gentle half-pony, falling nicely on her shoulders. (Though each time we watch that video, we instinctively feel like it might catch on fire.)

Katy...er, Kathy Beth's vampy makeover is straight out of a John Hughes movie, with voluminous hair, frosty lipstick, and blue-rimmed eyes. Dunno if this is beauty, but that oatmeal vomit is seriously convincing/gross too.


Yes, we love the blue glitter eye shadow of Kathy Beth, but without Katy's genius, otherworldy turn, the CGI of "E.T." wouldn't have been as convincing. And those giant white nails? No contest.



Katy Perry's top princess outfits from "E.T.," "Firework," and "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)."
Photo: Courtesy of Capitol Records

As she plummets to Earth, the Nicolas Jebran couture red dress (with metal piping at the breastplate) is the first and most glamorous frock worn by the alien singer. Nothing else is as lovely (or accessible) as the regal look, and it captures the spaced-out vibe of the vid perfectly.

She might feel like a plastic bag, but KP certainly doesn't look it with an ethereal Alberta Ferretti white gown. The fishtail train and delicate buttons are so the fairy godmother that she should have had in "T.G.I.F."

We can't quite identify the designer of this real-deal princess dress, but it probably hasn't been on a runway...ever. In her fantasy, Kathy Beth is clad in a tiara, a medieval dress and a rich velvet cape, like the secret princess that REBECCA BLACK KNOWS KP IS!


Technically, "T.G.I.F." is the most authentic princess look, but the flowing and graceful beauty of Katy in "Firework" is video-defining, as Katy is the magical overseer of all those flame-less people below. Also, crystal shoulder pads rule.



Katy Perry's top accessory looks from "E.T.," "Firework," and "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)."
Photo: Courtesy of Capitol Records

The gold-dipped breastplate and hair headband may not be what a citizen of 2011 may count as crucial, but for a visitor from another planet, those details may be as important as floating sunglasses found in apocalyptic rubble.

Keeping with her empress/royalty vibe, Katy adds a massive gold cuff and a waist-cinching belt, solidifying the dreamy ensemble. However, the show-stealers are the gold sparkle drop earrings that light up with the fireworks erupting from her chest area.

Kathy Beth's bangles and baubles are plastic, gaudy, overly massive, and TOTALLY cool. We explained how to get the look, but a plastic belt with a matching skirt should be in every gal's arsenal.

WINNER: "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)"

Like, by a landslide. How could we resist those triangle earrings or alternating chunky bracelets? Also, for the record, are braces accessories? (Yes?)

UH-OH! It looks like Katy Perry tied with Katy Perry in the battle of Katy Perrys! Well, duh. It's impossible to choose our favorite Katy Perry look, especially when they are all so varied but equally vibrant. So we have to let them ALL win. However, if there is a KP video for which your soul bleeds, show your love when you head over to vote for your favorite VMA Nominees before time runs out!

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