New Photos: 'Jersey Shore' Cast Reveal Fresh Florence Style

The Jersey Shore cast is baaack! The premiere of Season 4 is only a couple weeks away (AUG. 4!), and after that cray cray trailer released on Tuesday, it seems we are certainly in for a drama and fashion-filled Italian adventure. Since we have to wait, like, FOREVER for the premiere, we got our hands on the official cast photos shot on location in Italy to hold us over, and whew, boy! Their uh-mazing tans and epic hair gel still reign strong, but we think their European adventures inspired new looks from some of the cast. What do you think: Did spending time in Florence, Italy, change their style or are they still staying true to the Shore?


Jwoww and Snooki

Jwoww and Snooki in Italy.
Photo: Ian Spanier

First up: JWOWW. Girl has got it going ON. DANG. This one-shoulder dress wouldn't look good on 99 percent of the population, but of course JWOWW's got the gams to wear whatever she wants, which, in this case, is a billowy chiffon mini with sky-high black T-strap stilettos and soft waves. We're OBSESSED with this romantic JWOWW look! On the right, Snooki shows off her bod in a curve-hugging snakeskin halter dress with a matching turban (which is SO trendy fashion blogger). She accessorized with a super wide black belt, suede peep-toe ankle booties, giant gold hoops, and a pop of seafoam nails. Sidenote: She is TOTALLY whipping out the "Blue Steel" model face in this photo, dontcha think?


The Situation and Pauly D

The Situation and Pauly D in Italy.
Photo: Ian Spanier

The Situation not only nailed the pose, but his outfit is straight-up downtown chic! He wore an open short sleeve white button up, black tank, weathered jeans, dog tag necklace, aviator shades, and, of course, his signature chain shoelaces. Pauly D is rocking the hottest trend for this fall—the varsity jacket! His black and white jacket, which he personalized with the letter "P," is paired with a hot pink graphic tee, diamond necklace, black jeans, high-top sneakers and his 'dorbs 100-watt smile.


Sammi and Deena

Sammi and Deena in Italy.
Photo: Ian Spanier

We're happy to see Sammi in a bright blue frock! Her go-to typically is a tight black dress, but she certainly radiates in this ruched, V-neck mini paired with peep toe pumps and huge metallic earrings. Aye yi yi! Deena channels a Spanish flamenco dancer in her strapless lace body-con dress with a touch of sheer ruffle at the bottom. She finished her look in some strappy sandals, gold hoops, and perfectly smooth side-parted hair.


Vinny and Ronnie

Vinny and Ronnie in Italy.
Photo: Ian Spanier

WAITWAITWAITWAIT. You guys. Vinny is wearing skinny jeans. Like, REALLY skinny jeans. And they're bright purple. And he's wearing them with some low-top Converse sneakers and a *gasp* CARDIGAN. Is he—dare we say—turning into a hip European? His graphic tee has ALSO left us scratching our heads because we cannot for the life of us ID this lovely lady in a red bra and undies with a face tattooed on her stomach. Yeah. We'll give a dollar to whoever knows who that is. Or a hug. Whichevs. On the right, we have Ronnie in a chest-baring silk button up shirt (with those pecs, why not, right?), faded gray jeans, diamond necklace, and space-age high-top silver sneakers.

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