Vanessa Hudgens Cut Her Own Hair Super Short!

Vanessa Hudgens short hair

Vanessa Hudgens' hair before and after the big cut.
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When images first emerged of Vanessa Hudgens sporting a new short 'do on the set of her new movie Gimme Shelter, you needed earplugs to drown out the chorus of dropping jaws and audible gasps in our office. Many prayed that VHudge, known for her long, loose, romantic curls, was just wearing a wig. I mean, all those mermaid-y tendrils draped around her face so beautifully. They swayed in the wind like magic, were so fluffy but also featured a healthy sheen, like the strands had been spun by anthropomorphized bunnies with fairy dust. She would NEVER commit such a crime against our erm, her lovely locks, right?!??

Alas, there she was at the L.A. premiere of Captain America: The First Avenger, her hair no longer flowy and long but short. And kinda sassy. And with height that would have Isaac Newton doing double-takes. It seems our girl actually started the transformation by lopping her locks herself—though the scissors and role of hairdresser were then taken by her director. Though we miss her swingy spirals, we'll admit that the new look is refreshing, and we deeply respect the level of dedication to craft it takes to chop it all off like this. What do you think of VHudge's haircut? Should she have gone all the way or donned a wig?


Vanessa Hudgens Gets A 'Make-Under'

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