Lady Gaga Wears A Shower Curtain And Lace Beard In New York Heat

Lady Gaga wears clear plastic pants.
Photo: Getty Images

Oh, is it warm out there, Lady Gaga? Are you, perhaps, in need of a fan? Would you possibly be less toasty if you weren’t wearing, say, shower curtains? Ok. Yes. They may not be fash-shower curtains (and we might not have even thought them to be for the home except for the fact that you are a YOU HAVE USED DRAPED HOUSEWARES BEFORE). But don’t worry Gaga, we’ve got your back.

Lady Gaga’s red nails.
Photo: Getty Images

Because no matter how often you toe the line between a meta parody of a parody or like you do your casualwear shopping in a Bed, Bath and Beyond, you always throw in a little reminder of how well you bring it, and this shower curtain/lace-beard thing is just a tester, a fling, a try-out. Those nails. Holy moly. The fact that they verge on talons (but in a good, Japanese horror movie way) is such a testament to the fact that you simply do not roll out of bed, throw on the nearest set of blinds or valances, and set off on your day. No: the care and attention that is paid even on a flipping trip to a radio station is a level of dedication that is Olympic-worthy, if ornate, dangerous, and blessedly over-the-top dressing were a sport. (And for you, Gagaloo, it is.)

I would mention the lace-mask-beard, but it seems like Gaga is on a face-covering kick and given the fact that it is neither waving angry fists/covered in spikes/made from souls of children means it isn’t that surprising or weird. But here is the thing: I can’t even make a pop culture reference, compare her to a previous look or even relate her to an animal, vegetable or mineral. She just is, and that’s pretty impressive, because she just took any familiar context of the things she is rocking (nails/curtains/lace) and just blew it right out of the water.

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