Get Pauly D And Vinny's 'Jersey Shore' Season 4 Looks!

Pauly D and Vinny

Pauly D and Vinny in their Italia track jackets.
Photo: MTV

If all of the crazy fashion AND fights in the entire next season of Jersey Shore are ACCURATELY depicted in this newly-released two-minute trailer, than HOOO BOY, are we in for TREAT. It looks like there's mad drama, mad fist pumping, and maaaadd Jerz fashion when the entire cast heads to Italy for a few months. But first up, can we talk about Pauly D and Vinny's cute-as-a-button matchy-matchy "Italia" track jacket sweatband outfits? I mean, not only did they buy similar Italian pride zip-ups, but they COLOR COORDINATED their sweatbands and sunglasses. We think every dude needs to man up, grab their heterosexual life partner and IMMEDIATELY cop this. Let's break it down.


Pauly D track jacket

Pauly D sports his Italia gear.
Photo: MTV/Finish Line/Sunglass Warehouse/Ultrad

Pauly D MAY be the tannest of the bunch (well minus Snooki, but isn't she part Chilean? Yeah, not fair.), so of course he opted for the white Italia soccer jacket with a complementary white Nike sweatband to really bring out his bronze. Also, Pauly is sporting a faux hawk (perhaps his usual spikes would prove difficult to slide a sweatband over?) and aviators to finish off his badass look.


Vinny track jacket

Vinny sports his Italia gear.
Photo: MTV/Finish Line/Sunglass Warehouse/Gone Blue

Vinny goes for chic in his muted zipped-up black Italia track jacket, sleekly shaved head, and black Nike sweatband. Apparently him and Pauly did a little shopping together (awww) because they wearing literally the exact same aviators. Vinny and Pauly prove there's some SERIOUS "L" up in their "GTL."


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