Taylor Swift Or Katy Perry: Who's The Most Stylish American Lady?

Taylor Swift Katy Perry

Taylor Swift and Katy Perry are a couple of stylish ladies!
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If you were that bastion of American style, the man that stood for classic U.S.A. fashion, who would your icon of Americana be? There's the sweet, down-home fashion of Taylor Swift, who looks fresh-faced and rosy-cheeked even in a sundress on the street, or the adventurous glamour girl Katy Perry, who embodies California optimism and a slathering of hair dye. Tommy Hilfiger, Captain America of Fashion, has decided to settle on both. In the July issue of Vogue, he explained that he couldn't choose between Taylor's "energetic charisma" and Katy's "edgy charm," so he picked both as his ambassadress of American style.

Taylor Swift Style

Taylor Swift's stylish moments.
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Taylor is certainly all-American, able to go from a glamorous red carpet beauty to a girl about town to a sleek powerhouse...

Katy Perry Style

Katy Perry's stylish moments.
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...but Katy's willingness to adventure (while also referencing eras like Old Hollywood or New Wave) makes her pretty darn American. Who would you choose?

Who is your icon of American style?