Soulja Boy Names Mixtape After Louis Vuitton's CEO

Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy tells 'em about Louis Vouitton.
Photo: Getty Images

If I had a dime for every time I said to myself, "I could really use some more Soulja Boy Tell 'em in my life," well...I'd have 60 cents, but I'm definitely about due for 70 cents. So THANK ZEUS, the powers that be have answered my pleas with a brand-new mixtape! The genius behind "Crank That (Soulja Boy)" (a classic of our generation that will live forever at sorority date functions and wedding receptions) has put out his new Bernard Arnault Limited Edition EP (named after the LVMH chairman and CEO), and boy oh boy oh boyyyyy, is it something.

Soulja Boy 'Bernard Arnault' EP

Soulja Boy's "Bernard Arnault" EP cover.
Photo: Courtesy of Soulja Boy

The album cover features a matching monogrammed Louis Vuitton luggage set with a briefcase, portfolio, and phone case so well kept, so neatly stacked (clearly by the hand of someone who cares a lot about his Louis V). Whether or not that hand actually belongs to Soulja Boy, however, is debatable. He spits about LV in almost every track - "LV, shorty, on my kicks...LV bag, LV pants with that LV sag" - but when he calls out to the LVHM big boss man himself, for whom his album is NAMED, he shouts, "ROBERT ARNAULT MIXTAAAAPE!!!!" Uhhhh... Robert??

Soulja Boy makes the mistake AT LEAST three times (and that's just in ONE SONG) which leads us to believe his attempt at affiliation with the brand is more gimmick than genuine love of all things Louis. And with lyrics like "I'm a Louis Vuitton Don on my Louis Vuitton throne," it all feels a liiiiittle Graduation-era Kanye (who beat him out for a Grammy back in '08), no? Just sayin'.

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