Maria Sharapova, Jaime Winstone, And Jessica Szohr Love Ankle-Strapped Shoes

Maria Sharapova, Jaime Winstone, and Jessica Szohr love their ankle-hugging shoes.
Photo: Getty Images

So, guys, we had a revelation. A really big, really important MEGA-revelation that will change the course of your lives and ours for, like...a while. Because you know what? Tuesdays just aren't all they're cracked up to be. You'd think wedged between dreary Monday and the hopeful Hump Day Wednesday, Tuesday would have a little pep in its step on that up-hill climb toward Friday. (At least, for what it's worth, Thursday is giddy with anticipation of the weekend.) Tuesdays just fall flat. Well well well. SURPRISE! We've moved the beloved Shoe Update to TUESDAYS to breathe a little life and joy and fancy into the sadly deflated day. And this installment of the round-up spotlights the lovely Maria Sharapova, English actress Jaime Winstone, and ex-Gossip Girl Jessica Szohr in their ankle-hugging finest.

When you put on a pair of heels, there's always that foul little voice in your brain planting images of you eating pavement as soon as you step out, but a good way to silence that beast is by wearing a shoe with it's own security blanket: the ankle strap (which keeps your foot in place as you traipse about). These ladies are no stranger to the value of a bestrapped heel.

Maria Sharapova's gem and bead encrusted Christian Louboutin t-straps perfectly compliment the equally ornate banding on this modified Alexander McQueen gown she wore to this year's ESPY Awards. And for a girl who's more often rocking flatter footwear on the tennis court, I'm sure opting for the ankle strap was not an unconscious decision. Jaime Winstone went for DOUBLE stability with the strap + wedge combo on these blue velvety heels from Topshop, and we're sure Jessica Szohr's uber-harnessing rafia and leather cap-toes were no accident considering the girl was spinning and dancing all night as the celebrity DJ for the Diesel show at Miami Fashion Week.


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