Kanye West Vs. Lil Wayne: Whose Fashion Line Would You Wear?

Kanye West at Paris Fashion Week and Lil Wayne performing at the Billboard Music Awards
Photo: Getty Images

Kanye West and Lil Wayne recently announced that they're each designing their own clothing lines. Both rappers have highly anticipated new albums on the horizon and both are known for their stylistic flair. Thus, what kind of style might we expect from these two budding designers? More importantly, who would you rather wear: Team Yeezy or Team Weezy?

Kanye recently allied himself with London's Central St. Martins fashion school. Not only did he (gasp!) visit twice, he also donated money to the esteemed institution (double gasp!) and chose former student, Louise Goldin, as his design partner. Seems he made some friends over there, too, as professor Louise Wilson reached out to the press to compliment the former Pastelle (R.I.P.) designer's knowledge, commitment, and "individual point of view" revealing that he will design a womenswear line. Kanye has a history of supporting—and namedropping—avant garde designers, so we're expecting his offering to be luxe, highbrow, and of the I-can't-afford-it variety, which means fashion peeps are gonna LOVE it. Plus, remember when Kanye wore that ladies' blouse?

As for Lil Wayne, in this month's XXL magazine cover story, he announced that he'll be creating a clothing line named after his 2010 album Rebirth. His rationale? He's "funky" and figures that other people might want to "be funky like me, so I got my clothing line." Sounds pretty straightforward to us. Weezy's penchant for wearing drop-waisted shorts and trousers topped with sleeveless tees or graphic sweatshirts makes it easier to envision a mens collection, but the gigantic, one-starry-eyed Bette Davis sweatshirt he paired with camo shorts and red Vans at the Billboard Music Awards? That's some serious retro skater chic right there, and that look is just as cute modified for the ladies. Believe it.

We're torn! Would you rather wear West or Wayne?

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