Emily Browning's A Rising Style Star

Emily Browning's style evolution.
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It was 2003 when we first spied Emily Browning, alongside fellow Aussie heavyweights Heath Ledger, Geoffrey Rush, and Naomi Watts, in the Irish-Australian tale Ned Kelly. We hardly noticed her playing the late Heath Ledger's younger sis, but then she landed the coveted role of the alluring Violet Baudelaire in Lemony Snicket's A Series Of Unfortunate Events, where her dreamy looks and dramatic Victorian garb stole the show. Now, not only is she winning Hollywood over with her high cheekbones and cat eyes, but her continued appearance at fashion events worldwide indicates her star is rising on the red carpets as well. (ALTERNATE REALITY ALERT: She was also considered for Kristen Stewart's role in Twilight, which might have made Bella more fresh-faced and less brooding...but what is Bella without brooding?)

On top of being breathtakingly beautiful, a young Emily once aspired to be a fashion designer, which isn't surprising given her super-curated ensembles. Her quirky outfits belie a sense of maturity beyond her 22 years, borrowing hints of vintage and retro with prints, lace (a constant Emily staple), and then a bit of cheeky flair like bold lips or ruffled socks. And though she is still young and playing girl-power roles like Baby Doll in this year's Sucker Punch, she certainly gave more "established" style stars a run for their money when she appeared at the MET Gala's McQueen Opening wearing an exquisite high-necked gown by Marc Jacobs. We went absolutely bonkers over her grown-up red carpet steez, especially since Em's a pro at more low-key, relaxed looks.

Another great Emily factoid: Remember how she sort of disappeared after Lemony and then came back with a vengeance for The Uninvited? She went back to Australia to finish school (and, according to an interview in horror blog, Bloody Disgusting, attend to growing up). And we like that sort of levelheadedness. She can currently be seen in the indie film Sleeping Beauty, in which Emily demonstrates her acting chops...while wearing a couple of classic Chanel-like dresses and frocks. And what if we lived in a perfect world where Emily Browning and our other emerging style icon (and fellow Australian!) Mia Wasikowska were besties, who gave each other tips on the perfect pixie cut/swooped bang combo and called each other up to swap high romance, high fashion looks in between stealing our hearts on the big screen? Can we set them up on a friend date?


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