Jesse Williams Rocks Harem Pants, Still Looks Hot

Jesse Williams wears harem pants at the Qream launch party.
Photo: Getty Images

Grey's Anatomy heartthrob Jesse Williams can do no wrong. Like, to where it's neither funny nor fair. When he was at Pharrell's Qream launch party (um, before your mind goes wild trying to figure out what "Qream" is, it's a drink. An alcoholic one. With a potential dairy component? Plus, the Qream bottle is hilarious. We imagine Jasmine rubbing it on her neck before a late-night carpet ride with Aladdin like it's perfume. Or something. WHY SO GIRLY?! Moving along...), Jesse was rocking three major fashion statements that are tricky yet awesome when done well: a shaved head, an asymmetrical jacket, and—the biggie—harem pants. But did he manage to make all three looks work? Is there really any suspense here? Look at him. OMNOMNOM.

Ummmm, so here's the thing. Clothing that looks unfortunate on mannequins and hangers looks fantastic the second they slide on dude's skin. HE IS WEARING RAW SELVAGE DENIM DROP-CROTCH PANTS. And for some reason, we're like, "Oh...they're minimal, well-constucted, almost sleek harem pants. Do you, sir." Also, yeah, of course the break in these trousers looks GREAT with Jordans.

Then, he threw a navy, side-zip windbreaker over a heather thermal tee but FASTENED AT THE NECK for an amazing, fashion-y, unexpected look. He is wearing a cape basically *slow clap*! It's kind of cute how his beard is the same length as his hair, too. He's only missing one thing though—some specs! We still think Jesse Williams looks hottest in glasses, and we stand by that statement. Well, I mean he probably looks hottest without glasses AND WITHOUT CLOTHES, but if we have to see him with clothes on, we choose harem pants plus glasses. We need to start getting some Hot Dude paper dolls to have our way with.

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