Raiding The 'Harry Potter' Cast's Closets: Our Style Idol, Luna Lovegood

The biggest thing to happen to cinema OF ALL TIME (Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2, natch) is TONIGHT (midnight, y'all!), so to keep up to snuff with the Wizarding World, MTV Style counts down which Harry Potter characters' closets we'd most like to raid.

So far, we got psyched on Fleur Delacour, the green goodness of Rita Skeeter, and then allowed ourselves to practice the dark arts with Bellatrix Lestrange. And then there were two, so Hermione Granger lent some inspiration. But our most covetable wizarding closet belongs to the mistress of the eclectic and lighthearted—the quirky and cool Luna Lovegood (and her human counterpart, Evanna Lynch).


Evanna Lynch as Luna Lovegood.
Photo: Warner Bros., 2009 and 2011

OK, I'll admit it. I'm a little emotional tonight. Because, like anyone with any sort of brain, I'm a HUGE Harry Potter fan and I feel like the last book wasn't so hard to go through because we still had years to see the movies...but that time has ran out. And so we say farewell to the characters we've grown to love, but let's sit down for a moment and think about the ones that we've grown to admire, as well.

There is a moment in Order Of The Phoenix where bullies in school have hidden Luna's things, and Harry suggests helping her look for them. Luna calmly and certainly tells Harry that everything is all right; things always turn up, "if not always in the way we expect." This is why Luna's is the closet we most envy: she is utterly confident, imaginative, and not worried about her public perception. Sure, she wears radishes in her ears and hunts questionable creatures, but she'll show up to a wedding during a war wearing golden yellow simply because it makes her happy.

Rare pleated chiffon cap-sleeve belted dress, $78. Uncorked necklace, $21. Topshop bright orange hi-tops, $56. Fossil Vintage Reissue II, $108. Diana moon earrings, $10. Wild side bows, $2.
Photo: ASOS,, Topshop, Nordstrom's,, Forever 21.

Like a floaty dream, Miss Lovegood is probably a huge fan of the light and airy chiffon, and we all know that the sunny color of yellow is one of her favorites. Not only is this dress cheery, but it's a good hue to wear when one of your best friend's has a life to sacrifice. Sure, this cork necklace has a hedgehog and not a nargle, but we are pretty sure they are similar, right? (Right?) If Luna's lost sneakers were this fun color of clementine, we'd probably steal them too. A vintage-inspired backpack will make toting all of your issues of The Quibbler around much easier, and has a retro sensibility that Luna would def appreciate. And, of course, there are those statement Luna glasses...but that's a given.

Though she wore radishes for earrings, that's a little too veggie-tastic for us. Instead, focus on her namesake and try a whimsical pair of silvery moon earrings. Lastly, Luna certainly enjoys a good party, so a fun accessory with a bit of flair (stately purple for Ravenclaw, maybe?) would definitely be her hair ornament of choice.


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