Look By Look: Demi Lovato Gets Raw In 'Skyscraper' Music Video

A still from Demi Lovato's "Skyscraper" music video.
All Photos Courtesy of Hollywood Records

Last night, the music video for Demi Lovato's lauded and much-anticipated new single "Skyscraper" dropped via an exclusive premiere and touching two-part interview with Ryan Seacrest on E!. Lovato told Seacrest that filming the music video for the song (which she says in retrospect was a "kind of cry for help" before she ultimately entered a treatment center) was "an emotional release for me, like therapy.... I kept crying, I was so emotionally invested.... That's when I realized, that's what music videos are all about," and watching the vid accompanied by her chillingly on-point vocal performance, it isn't hard to see that girl poured all of her heart out on this one. We applaud Demi's bravery, her honesty, her strength, and her expert execution of fresh-faced no-makeup makeup. Girl, you look good. And for that, though there's technically only one "look" in this vid, you deserve a "Look By Look." <3


Demi appears through a soft focus against a backdrop of seemingly endless white desert sand in a gauzy, ethereal white maxi dress + shawl/cardigan number. She's either an Earth Angel or the most beautifully well-kempt stranded wanderer the world has ever known.


Through the heartfelt performance and all of the haunting breaks at the end of her phrases, you almost almost forget to marvel at the masterpiece coif that is Demi's sun-kissed, brown, tousled waves. The tendrils fly free in the wind but don't get nappy or tangly, and if we didn't love her so much, we'd be REALLY tempted to make off with her locks in the dead of the night while she sleeps. #jealousy


Beneath all those gorgeous free-flowing locks, Demi's accessories game rests for no one. These gold-and-glass cross earrings with the charm hanging down from the TOP of the hoop (rather than the bottom) are blowing our minds in the best way possible.


Finishing off her outfit, we see that Demi is rocking some sort of orange-tipped, mottled feather situation in her hair. A feather from a bird. A bird who is free to spread her wings and fly wherever, soaring above the city and the mountains and the HATAZ (be gone). Oh yea, and in this shot, we're also able to appreciate the halter strap detail on her dress, which is also nice.

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