Cartoon Signs A Modeling Contract, We Pick More Fashion Spokestoons

Polly Bean on the catwalk.
Photo: Courtesy of Polly Bean

From Betty Boop to Jessica Rabbit, there has been no shortage of gorgeous, tantalizingly drawn female cartoons. They are the perfect model: they'll fit in what they wear, are able to exist in ridiculous proportions, and almost never fall down when walking the catwalk. But fortunately their real-life counterparts haven’t had to deal with the vastly superior 2-D renderings. Until now.

Premier Model Management has just signed Polly Bean, who is a skinny and droll doodle done by London-based cartoonist Neil Kerber. Kerber dresses Bean in the latest looks (we hear she gets them for free, lucky thing) and has been seen in Philip Treacy, Valentino, and custom (CUSTOM) Prada eyeglasses. And now that she’s got real, official representation, we’re sure she’ll land a campaign or two this fall. This is a stunning turn of events for all cartoons, and since Polly is all the rage, we’ve picked four other 2-D females who should get scooped by modeling agencies, stat. Once they’ve inked their own deals, we’ve picked the designer who we know will outfit them first.


Jane in 'Daria' and a look from Balmain's Spring 2011 RTW Collection.
Photo: Courtesy of MTV Animation/Balmain

Jane Lane has NO USE for modeling. She couldn’t be bothered (unlike Daria’s sister, Quinn, of course). But like alt ingenue Agyness Deyn, there is nothing more haute than a sheer lack of interest. Those major boots. Skinny legs. The ASYMMETRIC HAIR. We thought that all of the avant-garde Japanese designers would outfit her, but they have too many cloaks and "hats," so she’d probably stick with Kristen Stewart fave Balmain and just go pure rock and roll.


Erin Esurance and a look from Jac Langheim's Fall/Winter 2011 Collection.
Photo: Courtesy of Esurance/Jac Langheim

Did you know Erin Esurance has a cult-like following? Like, message boards, costume parties, the works. With a fanbase like that, she’s a shoo-in for a campaign, but she can’t just do any old runway. The girl on the go would need something definitively American and slightly futuristic, filled with catsuits and with a little bit of punk edge. That’s why we love her with Lady Gaga designer Jac Langheim.


Lana Kane in "Archer" and a look from Gucci's Fall/Winter 2011 RTW Collection.
Photo: Courtesy of FX Productions/Gucci/Getty Images

Archer's Lana Kane is sex-on-heels in a way that is sorely missing from the knock-kneed, waifish world of modeling. She’s like Beyoncé plus Naomi Campbell plus a glock nine, and that type of attitude is precisely what is needed to pull of the Gucci fall collection. High slits and deep V’s galore, Gucci it would be silly not to grab Miss Kane (before Legér does…).


Sunni Bear in "Adventures of the Gummi Bears" and a look from Gary Graham's Spring 2011 Collection.
Photo: Courtesy of Walt Disney Television Animation/Gary Graham

Sunni Gummi. Her name is Sunni with an "i"—how chic is that? Man, we were into Sunni Gummi before she got big. Like, her shaggy hipster mullet was SO us back in 1987, and anyone who jumps on the Sunni bandwagon in 2011 is just a poseur. But a brand that thrives on indie cred, ripped sleeves, and pixie boots might just like Sunni’s cool-for-school vibe, and the forest creatures imagined by New York designer Gary Graham (GOT to keep it New York, obvi) would be perfect for Miss Gummi. Even the spiky hair in his summer collection is similar. That way, she’ll still get her modeling in but keep it downtown so it’s still legit.

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