Snooki Goes Punk With Pink And Blonde Hair

Snooki filming on location for "Jersey Shore" in Seaside Heights, New Jersey, on July 12, 2011.
Photo: Getty Images

Sure, there are odd fur boots that look like they were stolen from ebony Shetland ponies and a fair deal of slogans on T-shirts, but in all honesty, when it comes to style spotting on Jersey Shore, our favorite place to go for majestic beauty and breathtaking vision is a) JWOWW's tank tops and b) Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi's hair. Snook's dark mane is remarkably beautiful. Thick and ever-swirling around her tanned face like it's achieved sentience and wants a snack, she can style it any number of ways and have it look fetching. Even when she is prancing up and down the boardwalk, scorching it under the harsh beatdown of the sun, or abusing it further by having it tucked under the horror of a Trucker cap. In short, we envy Snooki's hair.

Snooki dancing in Seaside Heights.
Photo: Getty Images

So we are shocked...nay, surprised, to see that she made a dramatic (for her, at least) change to her 'do. Not only did she add layers, but Nicole took a page out of the book of Lauren Conrad and added a bleached blonde underlayer with—get this—HOT PINK. Did her foray into temporary tattooing inspire her to embrace her alternative side? Will she also take up vegetarianism and perhaps get a piercing? WILL SHE BEAT UP THE BEAT TO ROCK AND ROLL MUSIC? All we know is that change is good, and that Snooki dabbling in the Manic Panic is a fun and intrepid move that we fully support. Now if only we could get Pauly to mess with matte sculpting clay...oh, and the entire male cast to pluck instead of wax their brows...hmm...

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