Raiding The 'Harry Potter' Cast's Closets: Steal Rita Skeeter's Snazzy Style

The biggest thing to happen to cinema OF ALL TIME (Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2, natch) is just days away, so to keep up to snuff with Wizarding World, MTV Style counts down which Harry Potter characters' closets we'd most like to raid.

Yesterday we brought you Fleur Delacour, but our fourth place goes to the stylishly sinister Rita Skeeter, as played by the vibrant Miranda Richardson.


Rita Skeeter as played by Miranda Richardson.
Photo: Courtesy of Warner Bros., 2005

Boo. Hiss. Rita Skeeter is such a sleezeball stand-in for corrupt media (a personal affront to bloggers!) and so purely irritating that you simply can't help but love her. Her overblown personality and unrelenting drive comes closer to undoing Harry Potter than Voldemort ever does (kind of), but there is one thing we must applaud Rita on: No other character gets as much wardrobe description as Rita. Sure, Dolores Umbridge's saccharine pink is close, but she's racist against centaurs and we can't support that. Emerald green, tightly wound curls and a penchant for insects make Rita's closet a dream to rifle through...just don't expect us to like her any more after she lets us borrow her dragon hide jacket.

From left: Express black slit midi skirt, $50. American Eagle Outfitters stacked beetle rings, $16. Poetic License heels, $105. OPI Red My Fortune Cookie polish, $5. Tarina Tarantino double tulle wrap headband, $125. Melie Blanco structured satchel, $73. Topshop caramel wing stud detailed cat's eye sunglasses, $36.
Photo: Express, American Eagle Outfitters, Modcloth, Amazon, Tarina Tarantino, Endless, and Topshop.

First off, Rita Skeeter means business. And nothing says go-getting, crawling-over-a-dead-Muggle-for-a-story like a gorgeous, all-purpose structured midi-skirt, which works well in both the summer and fall. Because of Rita's ability to "bug" all of her interview subjects (Hey! A scoop is a scoop, right?), add some shine to your dictating hand with a set of stacked beetle rings. We'd imagine Rita always in heels—not too high that she couldn't chase down tabloid fodder, but just high enough to give her that extra edge over anyone, well, beneath her. Add the satin tie to these oxfords for a frilly, Rita-esque boost.

For her always noticeable and perfectly polished nails (that end up chipped when the reporter is down and out), we'd opt for a too-bright color that almost verges on orange, like OPI's Red My Fortune Cookie from the Hong Kong collection. And since there is no such thing as a subtle Rita Skeeter, trade in the overdone, over-permed curls for something frilly and interesting, like a sparkly headpiece in her signature green color. Keep all of your notes, interviews, blackmail information, and lists of target in a smart lime-colored geometric briefcase, which is prim in shape but fun in color. And last, but perhaps most crucial, any aspiring Rita Skeeter would have her gem-embellished cat-eye glasses...behind which she studies any prospective interviewee.


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