Justin Bieber Drops $7,000 At MCM, Buys Selena Gomez A Bowler Bag

Selena Gomez with her MCM bag in London, England.
Photo: SAV/FilmMagic/Courtesy of MCM

Things that don't get said enough: Selena Gomez works really effing hard. So let's talk about it. In just one month, this 18-year-old simultaneously promoted both an album AND a movie release with talk show interviews, appearances at awards shows (one of which she even HOSTED), live performances, and a cross-country mall tour! Just attempting to comprehend the amount of time and energy that goes into all of that is enough to send you into a tailspin where you start hyperventilating into a paper bag because you couldn't even make yourself breakfast this morning and this girl could probably feed 1,000 people in the time it took you to brush your teeth. *cue existential crisis*

Anyone who works that hard deserves some kind of reward (and, like, a vacation? GURL, TAKE ONE!!!), so naturally, her boyfriend JUSTIN BIEBER (omgomgomg *brings back paper bag but for an entirely different reason*) got one for her. Selena and Biebs hit up MCM for a $7,000+ shopping spree (did you see that?? PLUS!). At MCM, (a brand we revisit constantly since Rain posed in it for Men's Uno magazine), Selena picked out one of the ladylike structured handbags from the Heritage collection. Along with Selena's bowler (which, OK, so we don't reeeeeally know if Justin bought it as a reward for her being so hard-working or awesome or pretty or whatever, but we can dream, right??), the Biebs snagged a few key pieces for himself, including a black Visetos backpack.

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