Hot Dude Of The Day: Ryan Kwanten Is A Total Mama's Boy

Ryan Kwanten at the Spring/Summer 2012 Hugo Show in Berlin, Germany, July 2011.
Photo: Getty Images

There is something in the water Down Under—hot juice, or something similar—because these Aussies that wash up on our shores are fine specimens. Freakishly rugged, square-jawed creatures who have perfectly mastered the facial-hair-to-baby-soft-skin ratio. Oh, and apparently, they love their moms. Mr. Ryan Kwanten, also known as Jason Stackhouse on True Blood, somehow ended up in Berlin last week to check out the fashions, and his date for the whole thing was his tiny, totally Australian mom! And if that's not enough of a deal sealer, *in the same voice I talk to my cat* look at his silly little face!

Ah! See? There's that faerie blood we've been looking for! We knew it was in Jason Stackhouse somewhere. And I'd like to submit a disclaimer: This is a weird statement, but his boyishness and youth are kind of the most endearing things about Mr. Kwanten here. First off, he is with his mum. Secondly, he is wearing a bowtie (likelihood is that his mother tied it. We hope?). Thirdly, he is making an impish face at the camera because he isn't here to be "hot" or "stylish." And last but oh-so certainly not least...Ryan is wearing a checked suit because solid colors are for big boys and HE IS JUST HERE TO HAVE SOME FUN WITH HIS MOM. Which is totally fine with us.

Closing thought: Those eyebrows are super-groomed. Man, Aussie dudes get the well-coiffed eyebrow thing unlike any other men. Treat your eye hair like a soft, gently escaping caterpillar (no over-plucking, no singular hair entity!), and all will be well.

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