MTV Style Headlines Of The Week: 'Harry Potter' Premieres, 'Jersey Shore' Appears, Lady Gaga Is Weird

Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, and Daniel Radcliffe in July 2011.
Photo: Getty Images

• Wow. Was this week ever big. We were running around nonstop checking on our favorite graduating class of magical teens, meaning we got to check out what everyone was wearing at the Harry Potter premiere in London. It was ENCHANTING. Also, we peeped Emma Watson's super-cool dark 'do in Harper's Bazaar UK and we liked it ah-lot.

• Speaking of new 'dos, there was a load of beauty changes with Megan Fox becoming a beauty ambassador for Versace. She looks painted with watercolors and like she fell from a dream. Less official, though, is Miss Lauren Conrad dyeing her tips technicolor, adding some, er, color to her good girl behavior.

• Since they are now back from Italy, our favorite meat-heads (and lady meat-heads) have been seen around town sporting all sorts of Jersey fashions. Snooki's crazy leopard-print nails are super easy to do...or at least way less complicated than Snooks and Deena's painted-on tattoos. Never to be outdone, Mr. Pauly D carted around Seaside wearing a tee of his own design.

• And those crazy youngins are always up to something, impressing us with their preternatural know-how, like the lovely Elle Fanning (who is the new face of Marc Jacobs). We also spied a supermodel-in-training, Lottie Moss, who's big sister Kate basically wrote the book on being waifishly hot. Some still have a bit to learn, like math, because we deduce that Taylor Momsen + her fans = one whole outfit.

• And our ladies who have the game on LOCK keep us on our toes, like Miss Beyoncé, who just released the bridal-chic "Best Thing I Never Had" video. Supermodel Elizabeth Hurley is signed up for Gossip Girl, and fresh blood (i.e., Selena Gomez) might be inducted into the heralded style hall of Sex And The City. Sooo...we pair everyone up with their style twinsies!

• Oh, of course, there is always Lady Gaga news, and she blew our collective minds by participating in Lady Gaga Day. When half the world wasn't watching her hang out with kids who are cosplaying AS her, they are thinking about her—especially during Couture Week when half the world is biting inspired by her style.

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