Hot Dude Of The Day: Jennifer Aniston's New Boo Justin Theroux Cleans Up Nice

At Jennifer Aniston's Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony in Los Angeles, California, on July 7, 2011.
Photo: WireImage

Certain guys, let's just say, guys like Jennifer Aniston's new squeeze, Justin Theroux (from Parks And Recreation or American Psycho) should always have one eyebrow slightly raised. It accentuates the slight shadiness of an over-pronounced widow's peak that, when complemented by a stark black-and-white ensemble, looks positively menacing. In a good way. A super-hot, dangerous way.

While Theroux had been getting a lot of flack for ending his 14-year relationship to date the Hollywood A-lister, our biggest source of bewilderment and sadfacedness had been attributable to his sporting scraggly facial hair of rando-homeless-dude proportions, denying us the pleasure of ogling both his fine features and a good-looking beard.

Things done changed.

Clean-shaven and sporting a white shirt so svelte he must have been sewn in, Theroux looks marvelous and like he smells like some sort of exotic, nearly extinct wood and hypercolor peppercorns. He keeps the look austere but undeniably expensive with a stylized skinny tie, impossibly small tie clip (that's likely vintage because I have been looking for this tie clip all year), black trousers, gold watch, a ring ON HIS MATRIMONIAL FINGER, and an added curveball of a leather bracelet.

With the sleeves rolled up to reveal forearms so swarthy you can't help but imagine the rest of him unfettered by Mad Men drag, we have to say Justin Theroux cleans up beautifully. And that this image snapped from J.An's (yeah, that doesn't work at ALL) Hollywood Walk of Fame Star ceremony thing leaves us with one question: What the HELL shoes do you wear when you know that papps will be shooting you all day BUT the soles will get ruined from plunging them into wet concrete? Decoy Steve Madden fake-out Loubous is what I'm thinking.

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