ZOMG Shoe Moment: The Finsk Project Wedge

Finsk Project Wedges.
Photo: Courtesy of Solestruck.com

We're no strangers to heels. We're no strangers to challenging heels. We just love them them to pieces despite not always being able to artfully explain EXACTLY why we admire them. Like, why does so much of the appeal in the 9-inch Gaga shoes made especially for her by Noritaka Tatehana lie in fear? WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN? These FINSK PROJECT shoes aka The Finsk 116-97 Cinza designed by Julia Lundsten inhabit the similarly WHA???!! ajskdlfjskjflsdjflksjdfksjlskjdfsk plane.

The Finnish designer with the London-based company is baffling our brains with this creation made of Brazilian wood that's hewn so craftily as to have wholly original irregularities (like, um, it's like each of these insane shoes has a fingerprint basically) and according to our pals at solestruck (I say "pals," only because it's abhorrent how much of our money they've collected over the year--their stock is glorious) these 6½-inch wedges with a 4-inch platform are actually reasonable to walk in. The math totally makes sense: You're essentially on a diesel flatform with only a 2½-inch decline. While the company has over the last several season revealed dramatic and angular silhouettes, this one definitely tickles our ZOMG bone something insane. The price tag? An equally neuron-scrambling $999.95.

{via Solestruck}

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