Kate Moss' Younger Sister Lottie Is A Hottie

Lottie Moss at older sister Kate Moss' wedding in Abingdon, England on July 1, 2011.
Photo: Getty Images

In an interesting turn of events, after days of build up to legendary super model Kate Moss's wedding to Jamie Hince, the most memorable part of the nuptial brouhaha one week later is *drumrollllll* Kate's fresh-faced younger sister Lottie! I suppose it's not that crazy seeing as the fashion climate is hungry for younger and younger faces (*cough* Hailee Steinfeld and Elle Fanning *end cough*). And real talk, if you've stumbled upon a babyface with SUPERMODEL GENES, well, game over, people. That's, like, the Golden Snitch* to literally any agency/designer/label on the planet.

Unfortunately for anyone chomping at the bit to bankroll little Lottie, her parents aren't too keen on her starting out this young. I mean, Kate was AT LEAST fourteen when was discovered (Lottie's thirteen right now). Whether the parental edict that she wait actually endures, we can already envision Lottie flouncing around in print campaigns from Prada to Preen in a year's time. Or, like, next Thursday when she's, you know, older.

{via Vogue UK}

*Yea, we had the livestream of the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 premiere playing all afternoon. So?