The Bony Trend We Love: Skeletons

Evol Heist ‘Death Grip’ Skeleton Bracelet.
Photo: Courtesy of Evol Heist

When the Dsquared "Spine Heels" showed up on girl Ciara, we were oddly entranced and slightly grossed out in a fun way. Yes, the bony heel felt like it was trying too hard, but it also made a bit of sense. But when worn as a meta-statement outlining your actual skeleton (YOUR INSIDE IS BEING WORN ON YOUR OUTSIDE), like this incredible laser cut-out hand armor (?) from Evol Heist, it is impossible not to notice: bones are where the heart is. And with eyes and skulls being a thing, designers of the raddest sort are wondering why not bones? Those sticky, structural-but-not-geometric internal structural beams point out what sickly, organic meatbags we all actually are. And now that we've got bones on the brain, we see them everywhere we go.

Delfina Delettrez Skeleton Hand Bracelet.
Photo: Courtesy of Black Frame

Our favorite goth Italian punk designer (of which there are many) Delfina Delettrez plays on the luxury of rich jewels and what it means when something is actually "heritage". Or, she just likes to make bad-assed five-fingered rings that suggest there is nothing darker than decay/humanism/spindly things. Not only are these full-handed rings totally luxurious, but the varying levels of glam brought by the different finishes take a "street" trend and make it veritably gorgeous. If skeletal hands aren't quite your thing, here are some other bony ideas. (We almost made a bone-headed joke. But we didn't. We thought of it, though.)

Clockwise from left: Leg Bone Leggings from Nasty Gal, Chrishabana Bone Hinge Ring from Urban Outfitters, Heels by Giuseppe Zanotti, and Velcra Black Bone Print Slipper Pumps from Topshop.
Photo: Courtesy of Nasty Gal/Urban Outfitters/Giuseppe Zanotti/Topshop

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